IDTs and Vibratory Screens for Solids Separation

Internal Drum Thickeners

Press Technology’s Internal Drum Thickener (IDT) is specially engineered to thicken stock and sludge, boasting a high capture rate of solids. It’s equipped with a constant high-pressure shower head for maintaining an open screen for maximum drainage. The shower is maintained with a timer and servo motor for automatic self-cleaning.

Thickeners for Solids SeparationSolids Separation in progress

Some of the advantages of Press Technology’s IDT include the following:

  • Reliable
  • Low Maintenance
  • Lubricated Parts and Bearings Located Outside Bulkheads
  • Liquids Contained in Bulk Heads
  • Reduced Down Time
  • Rough Heavy Duty Construction
  • Servo Drive with Timer for Automated Shower Cleaning

Vibratory Screen Information

Press Technology’s Pre-thickener / Vibratory Screen is designed for manure slurry separation and all hog manure applications. The Vibratory Screen comes in 3 Sizes: 30″, 40″ and 60″. Capacities: 15-350 GPM. Hp range 1/2 – 3hp range. Single and 3 Phase power. Standard screen size, 40 mesh(425 microns). Thickens solids from 1% to 15% solids. Vibratory Screen are used to pre-thicken solids before Agri-Press.

Model E With Vib Screen for solids seperation

ALL THREE VIBERATORY SCREENS for solids seperation