Model E Manure Separator Information

Press Technology’s Model E Manure Separator is designed for manure slurry separation and priced for the mid-sized producers, but it performs like a high end press. The Model E address four major issues involved with manure management and the mid-size producer: Economics, Easy installation, Efficiency and Environment. The Model E can be set-up and installed with little or no difficulty, the efficient design produces a dry solid that can be easily composted and used for bedding. The design also insures high capture efficiency, so that a majority of the manure is in your dry solids stack and not the lagoon. The price range is easily affordable when compared to purchasing bedding off the farm.


Model E-16 with 60-inch vibratory screen


Manure Separator Sizes


The benefit of bedding with dairy manure solids:

Visit “The Cornell Waste Management Institute (CWMI)” research info on “Farm Waste Management”.

Click here for CWMI pdf Document for Bedding information.

Click here for “Model E Presentation”.

Model E With Vib Screen

View the Agri-Press® Model E Manure Separator in Action