EP Screw Press for Solvent Recovery, Hemp Processing

Solvent Recovery and Hemp Processing Press Cutout

EP Screw Press Features and Applications

    • 304 Stainless Steel or 316 SS option
    • Totally Enclosed – Pressure tight up to 60 PSI
    • Explosion Proof Motor/Controls
    • Extreme Temperatures – Cryogenic Temperatures
    • CBD Oil Extraction / Hemp Processing
    • Additional Configurations & Options

The Right Technology

PT&M is a developer and manufacturer of cutting edge screw presses for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. A leader in new screw press design, PT&M specializes in developing and manufacturing equipment tailored to meet customer requirements and demands.

Solvent Recovery and Hemp Processing Press

The Answer

PT&M’s specialty is solving liquid/solids separation problems. Our design expertise comes from many years of experience developing screw presses. Our engineers have accumulated a wealth of knowledge through hands on testing of materials. This background has allowed us to configure screw presses which fit the specific needs of our customers.

The PT&M Screw Press is the best method for separation of liquids from solids. Inside the press free liquid drains off as the material conveys down the screw. At a certain
point the volume of the screw reduces and the liquid in the material is squeezed out by pressure. A set of air cylinders are connected to a pressure plate (cone). The cone builds a back pressure causing more liquid to be compressed out. The air driven cone allows the press to maintain consistent dryness of discharge solids over a large range up to the limit of mechanical dryness. The pneumatic cylinders are adjusted by a valve which allows the operator to control the desired dryness of the solids.


  • Standard 304SS Wetted Surfaces
  • Screen Cage wedge wire screens
  • Capacity varies with material type and shaft RPM
Model Diameter HP Length Height Weight
AGP600 6″ 7.5 95″ 30″ 1800 lbs.
AGP1200 12″ 35 150″ 43.5″ 5000 lbs.
AGP1600 16″ 60 168″ 58″ 10,000 lbs.