Agri-Clean™ Dewatering System

Patent Pending: 60/347,425

The purpose of the Agri-Clean™ System is to remove solids and nutrients from animal manure wastewater. The system consists of an Internal Drum Thickener (IDT), an Agri-Press® Screw Press, a Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) Clarifier, a twin polymer make-down system, a chemical feed system, a PLC control, a data collection system and a telephone modem.


The IDT prethickens the low consistency raw manure slurry to 10-12% solids. The thickened slurry flows into the Agri-Press® and is dewatered to 35-40% solids. The liquid filtrate from the IDT and Agri-Press® is pumped to a DAF clarifier. Chemistry is added to the liquid filtrate before being injected into the DAF. The chemicals are a coagulant and a flocculent. The coagulant is used to remove soluble phosphorus and ammonia while reducing the pH and neutralizing the negatively charged suspended solids. Solids from the DAF are returned to the IDT and Agri-Press®.

Why do I need Agri-Clean™?

  • Comply with the Federal Clean Air and Water Act
  • Cut down on the phosphorus and other residuals produced that can actually be detrimental to the immediate environment
  • Odor control
  • The Agri-Clean™ system discharge solids will be 35% or greater. The system can remove an estimated 80% of the TKN, 95% of the soluble phosphorus, 80% of the ammonia and 99% plus of the suspended solids (TSS)
  • Years of research and development behind the Agri-Clean™ System


What does Press Technology Offer?

  • Turnkey project approach
  • Individual attention to the design, engineering and implementation of your system
  • We guarantee performance on every system installed
  • Continuing technical support and service to make sure you receive the most out of the Agri-Clean™ system

The benefit of the Agri-Clean™ is its ability to reduce the level of the three major problems that are restricting CAFO – growth, odor, nutrient overload and residual volume. The reduction of odors allows CAFO’s to become good neighbors and cohabitate with the urbanization of rural areas. The reduction of nutrients from the filtrate permits the application to surrounding cropland without the build-up of phosphorus and nitrate levels and the threat of runoff into local lakes, stream and reservoirs. The ability of the Agri-Clean™ to produce dry solids from animal waste slurries allows farms to store solids for alternate uses, for example bedding, soil conditioner, compost and fertilizer. The Agri-Clean™ advantage allows for a cost-effective approach to manure management.

System at a 4500 cow dairy in Iowa.