AGP Style – Agri-Press® Screw Press

Screw Press Manufacturing

Press Technology is a developer and manufacturer of cutting edge screw presses for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. A leader in new screw press design, Press Technology specializes in developing and manufacturing equipment tailored to meet customer requirements and demands.

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  • spent brewer’s grains
  • fiberglass
  • manure
  • diatomaceous earth
  • citrus wastes
  • vegetable wastes
  • sugar beets
  • alfalfa
  • miscellaneous industrial waste streams

Guaranteed Consistent Dryness

  • High % Dryness on Discharge Solids
  • Reduced Disposal Acreage
  • Reduced Waste Hauling

Compliance with Environmental Standards

  • Reduce Pollutants and Environmental Impact
  • Recycle Solids as Bedding/Feed/Compost
  • Long Term Odor Free, Pest Free Storage